Bavo virtualisatie en automatisatie expert


Bavo Van der Krieken is a Datacenter and Automatization architect and has been working at ePact for four years now. Read on to find out exactly what this position entails and how he experiences working within our team!

First of all, what are you interests at work?

My interest lies in virtualization and evolved during my studies at KdG University in Antwerp. Besides that I also like programming, which is a rather rare combination. Why? Because programmers usually have little knowledge of systems and vice versa, engineers are good at writing a script, but are less familiar with programming.

How did you find out that this was really your thing?

My first contact with virtualization was during one of my previous jobs. Here I was responsible for taking care of customers’ IT infrastructure on an operational level. At one of my customers I was allowed to manage a VMware virtual environment. I immediately noticed that this was the thing that made me happy and decided that I wanted to focus further on this. That’s why I started looking for a new job that matched my interest in virtualization.

How did you end up at ePact?

While searching for a new job opportunity, I soon found myself looking on the Uptime Group website. As you may know, this is the cluster above ePact and is a major player in the IT world. They have a wide range of companies operating under their wings and are supported by the Cronos Group.

It was on their website that I saw the job opening of Virtualization Architect at ePact. As you might guess, the job interview was a success and I was able to start very quickly. At this moment I am still grateful for this opportunity!

In what way are you working on virtualization and automatzation right now?

On our website you will see that I am a Data center and Automatization architect. This logically means that I am busy with virtualization and automatization on a daily basis. I set up virtual computer environments within companies by dividing one physical environment or server into multiple virtual machines. 

In addition to virtualization, I also ensure that repetitive matters and processes are automated. Suppose a new employee starts in your team. You will have to set up an account within the computer environment so that he/she can log in and has access to all the necessary systems and documents. This process can be done manually by an IT employee or can be automated. Automatization here ensures that the risk of human error is removed and that a lot of time can be saved.

You work at ePact for four years now, how do you look back on it?

Thanks to ePact, I have learned a lot and have been given the opportunity to develop myself further within virtualization and automatization. Our team is even encouraged to obtain certificates and to follow training courses at home and abroad! This is because we work closely with various partners and big names within the IT world, which means that we need to have the necessary expertise of their solutions.

Trend Micro, for example, is an international player in cyber security. They help companies protect themselves against new threats with the most comprehensive and up-to-date security options. At the beginning of my career, I was given the opportunity to certify in Deep Security. This means that I can implement, configure and manage these solutions at our customers.

At VMware, the global player in cloud computing and virtualization software and services, I am a certified professional in Datacenter Virtualization. I renewed my VCP-DCV certificate this summer and am therefore fully up-to-date with my knowledge of the vSphere solution. This means that I can implement, manage and troubleshoot a V6.7 infrastructure. 

I’m also planning to achieve my Certified Advanced Professional in Datacenter Virtualization and Certified Professional in Cloud Management Automatization certificates. 

Last but not least, I am also a Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE 2020). Veeam is a technology company that focuses on backup, disaster recovery and data management software for virtual, physical and multi-cloud infrastructures. Obtaining this certificate allows me to correctly install, configure and manage Veeam solutions.

Which was/were the most memorable experience(s) in the past few years?

Without a doubt the event Empower by VMware in Vienna. This is an exhibition of a few days with several sessions on the technical side of VMware solutions. What’s new? How does VMware handle certain situations? Also, when there are important points on the agenda, they are shared here.

And secondly, Veeam’s VMCE 2020 Beta Class in Bucharest. This was an exclusive event about the new Veeam VMCE 2020 course. It took place in a select group (+/- 15 persons) consisting of different Solution Architects and Systems Engineers. The goal was to give feedback on the content of the new course and to share our own experiences from the field.

Finally, how do you like working at ePact? 

At ePact there is always a nice and relaxed atmosphere and you will become a part of a great team. Everyone here is very open and you can always contact colleagues if you have problems. In addition, the monthly team building activities are a plus. You are not obliged to come along, but almost everyone always joins. It is nice to get to know your colleagues better in a different (informal) setting!