Working from home

Now that the coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in Belgium, we are advised to work from home as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is not possible within all sectors and many companies are not (yet) prepared for this.

Besides the ability to work from home, enough laptops, chargers and clear agreements, we also need some other things to make this a success. Just think of access to the platforms needed to communicate with your colleagues or access to necessary programs and/or applications. As a solution to the second problem we recommend VMware Horizon view.

1. What is VMware Horizon view

VMware Horizon view is a virtual desktop infrastructure software (VDI). A remote connection can be made between end devices and Horizon view virtual desktops and applications. VMware Horizon is compatible with Windows and Linux, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Google Android and Chrome OS.

2. How to establish the connection

In short, a connection will be made between the user device and the Horizon Client Application. The View Connection Server acts as a broker and is located between these two endpoints. This will ensure that the connection is evaluated and a correct connection is established between the user device and the associated virtual desktop.

3. The purpose of a VMware Horizon implementation

A software-driven digital workplace allows end users to work wherever and whenever they want. In addition to increased flexibility, it is also secure because all data is stored and managed in the cloud, dramatically reducing the risk of data loss.

As we already mentioned, a secure connection is established between the user device and the associated virtual desktop. By using a unique, personal authentication, each person can be configured individually. In this way you can specifically determine which information must be available to whom and when. Logging in only needs to be done once, which means that employees only need to remember one password to gain access to all necessary information and/or applications.

Are you also considering implementing a digital workplace within your company? We would like to advise you on the various functionalities and the infrastructure that suits your business needs best!