Business continuity

Data is the new gold and we must protect it at all costs and times. But how can you protect your data during a pandemic or (technological) crisis? Invest in a solid business continuity plan, we promise that it will help you when unexpected events cause a disruption on your computer systems.

What is a business continuity plan (BCP)?

Business continuity means having a plan to deal with difficult, unpredictable situations. In other words, it keeps your company going no matter the situation it’s dealing with. You might think that you have a smaller company and there is nothing that can or nobody that wants to harm your business, but that’s wrong. It’s wrong to think that your company or business isn’t vulnerable to any kinds of threats. We don’t say that the risk is the same across all companies or sectors, but there are potential threats everywhere.

The importance of in-depth threat analysis

That’s why a solid business continuity plan always starts with a threat analysis, as with any other plan for that matter. Define potential threats for your company to know how you can keep going under any changing circumstances! When you have a clear overview, you can start with finding ways to prevent or mitigate these threats.

Changing environmental conditions and the impact on your business

As not everything is predictable and hackers are finding new ways to intrude businesses every day, you’ll want to invest in good back up systems and disaster recovery. It might be considered a subset of business continuity and focuses on the technology systems supporting critical business functions. Disaster recovery is a form of ‘insurance’ that you as a company may need to use once every ten years.

Two common and actual disruptors of your business as usual

Coronavirus aka Global Pandemics

Luckily for most businesses a pandemic is not very common, but unfortunately many countries and companies were recently affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, also known as Coronavirus pandemic. We speak of an epidemic when a numerous amount of people has been infected with a disease that has spread across a large region.

During the COVID-10 lockdown a lot of employees were/are forced to work from home and many companies were/are still not ready for remote working. You have to know how you will be communicating with your team during a crisis and how they will get access to all the needed applications to do their job.

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Cybercriminals and cybersecurity

As we mentioned in the beginning of this blog: data is the new gold and we must protect it at all costs and times. But did you know that cyber attacks happen every single day and that a company is attacked an average of 288 times a week? (Facts provided by Check Point Software Technologies)

Cyber attacks are assaults caused by cyber criminals using one or more computers against a single or multiple computers or networks. Cyber criminals or hackers use different types of attacks (Phishing mails, DDoS attacks, man-in-the middle attacks,…) and are finding new, innovative ways to strike every day.

As you’re never fully prepared or protected against cyber attacks we absolutely recommend you to have a decent backup system and regularly make backups of your data. In this way you can recover your personal or professional data when an attack takes place instead of losing it.

Our solutions: Continuity as a Service (CaaS)

We help you to protect your business against attacks, losses, theft and downtime. We create backups of all your workloads, which can be stored in any possible scenario. You have the certainty of a rapid and reliable recovery of individual files, complete virtual machines and applications.

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