Team ePact

Frederik is a freelancer and has been working at ePact for three years now and is a full member of our team. Over the years, he has built up an extensive know-how and expertise in IT security, which he can now use to help our customers.

Who are you as a person?

I have been a technician at heart since I was a little child and I have developed a strong technical brain in the meantime. How? I was born with dyslexia and you may think that this is a strange combination, but it certainly is not.

When you grow up with dyslexia, they teach you all sorts of ‘tricks’ so that you can evolve in the most normal way possible measured by your peers and society. Summarizing (long) texts into shorter chunks of text is one of them. This is how I learned to get to the bottom of an issue at a very young age.

Even today this still comes in handy. I know exactly which questions I want and need to ask in order to be able to identify the needs of a client. Once I have this clear, I can provide the right solution(s) and implement them.

How did you end up at ePact?

When I started at ePact, I had already been in the cyber security sector for 15 years. I got my know-how and expertise from HP, McAfee en Trend Micro. These years have been a real training ground for me and the proverb ‘by doing one learns’ was (and still is) applicable to me.

Trend Micro is also one of the security partners of ePact. In other words: I’ve worked for years at the source of solutions that ePact implements for its customers today. You may guess it, through them I ended up at ePact because they advised me to increase the level of expertise in the Trend Micro products. A great opportunity if you ask me! And here we are, it turned out to be a good decision because three years later you can still find me here.

What does your security job look like today?

On the website you will find the title ‘Datacenter and Security Architect’, but what does this mean exactly? Well, at our customers I regularly perform security audits and health checks of their IT infrastructure. On the basis of these results, I set up an improvement plan. The choice to implement one or more suggestions lies with the customer, but of course we recommend them to do so in order to optimize their business.

Within the team I am also a coach for my (younger) colleagues. I want to help them get to the level of security expert. How? On the basis of practical training and by being their point of contact. I give junior and medior profiles the opportunity to walk along during an implementation and allow them to gain (their own) experiences.

Through this working method I want to make the difference between an amateur and a professional. My door is always open to them, but on the other hand I also learn from them every day and that is what makes it so much fun!

To conclude, how would you define the team spirit at ePact?

The atmosphere is very positive minded. We don’t see problems, but solutions. We don’t see a ‘heavy’ cost as a cost either, but as an investment that we will earn back double in a few years’ time. Other companies often set their targets on a quarterly basis, but at ePact we have a three-year plan worked out to perfection. This ensures that the pressure is less high and that young professionals have the opportunity to become experts at their own pace. I’ve never experienced this anywhere else, but I find this very positive.

There are also a lot of initiatives to improve the team spirit within the team. Every month we hold a team meeting followed by a fun side activity and this is always very fun. Although the side activity is not mandatory, almost everyone is always present. As if this is not enough, every year we also go on an extended weekend as a teambuilding to keep a positive atmosphere between colleagues!

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